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Unfortunately most of the violence that occurs in Australia actually occurs within a family unit or by family members. Regrettably, most victims are silent towards the violence against them because they have suffered, are vulnerable and don’t think what is happening to them is actually considered to be Family Violence. Other times the victims are too scared to do anything about it or are scared for their children.

Fortunately, Victorian laws give “Family Violence” a wide definition which are designed to protect victims from all forms of violence including harassment, controlling behaviour, intimidation or behaviour which would expose a child to the same.

Taft Lawyers will be the team supporting you (or your children) during the court process to achieve freedom from the crisis you have been suffering.

What to do

  1. If you (or your children) are in immediate danger you should call the Police emergency number ‘000’ and let them know you are in danger of family violence. They will send family violence crisis unit to assist you.
  2. If you are not in immediate danger but you (or your children) have been experiencing family violence you can go to the closest Magistrates Court and make an application for a Family Violence Intervention Order. Approach the court co-ordinator and the court staff will assist you with the process. Contact our office to assist you with the court process.
  3. See our LINKS page which will provide contact details for useful services.

At Taft Lawyers, we will support you to overcome your crisis and lead you to freedom from family violence. Our lawyers have plenty of experience in these matters and will fight to achieve protection for you.


Family Violence is an unfortunate reality in Australia. Rightly so, the laws have been designed to protect the victims from family violence. The laws act fast and can affect the rights of anyone who has a family violence complaint made against them.

The other unfortunate reality is that some complaints (though not many) are misleading, false or twist the truth. In other words, some complaints are misused for other purposes. Family Violence is unacceptable, so such bad faith applications undermine the real victims who experience family violence. Nevertheless a complaint will affect your day-to-day rights, especially if you have children and if they are listed as victims on the complaint against you. Sometimes, as a Respondent you may be excluded from your own home after you have been served.

If you are a Respondent to a Family Violence application or Family Violence Safety Notice you need to consider and explore your rights in order to avoid police action against you.

Taft Lawyers will assist you at court to ensure your rights/liabilities in Family Law (children and property) and Criminal law are also carefully considered. More importantly, we will listen to your version of events and ensure, when necessary, the court is made aware of them.

Seek a consultation with our office as soon as possible to explore your options and know your rights.

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