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Remember, you are innocent until you are proven guilty. It is not advisable to answer questions asked by police during an interview without prior legal advice. No matter how friendly the police are to you, they are (and rightfully so) doing their job. This may mean that you end up being charged with a criminal offence after you are interviewed.

Get proper advice from our office as to what you may expect at a police interview, how to handle the interview. If necessary, we can attend the interview with you and ensure your rights are protected.


The outcome of your criminal matter can affect your future employment and ability to travel to some countries. We have excellent defence strategies which should be exhausted before taking any further steps. We will do what we can to avoid a conviction or a criminal record in your name. Don’t simply plead guilty without considering solid expert advice on evidence and the law.

When you attend our office for a consultation we will advise you about the likely outcome of your case based on the police evidence against you and more importantly, your version of the events which lead to you being charged.

We will ensure you know the costs involved and let you take control on how far you will fight for what is right.


We deal with both summary and indictable crimes including:-

  • Family Violence (Intervention Order) breaches / contraventions.
  • Assaults & Injury charges
  • Thefts & Burglary
  • Traffic and Driving Offences

When you trust Taft Lawyers, put your stress aside and have the confidence that we will negotiate with the police, consider all the evidence & the law and make sure you receive proper advice and the best available defence.

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