Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers

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Urgent: Recovery Orders

If you have been stopped from seeing your child/ren by your spouse or partner, contact our family lawyers immediately to consider advice about urgent recovery proceedings.

Parenting Issues

When parents separate the most important and sensitive matter to consider is the future parenting arrangements of the children. Who will have primary care? When will you get to see your children? What are your rights now about their school? How will parenting orders affect any property settlement or child support? The questions seem endless, but our family lawyers have the answers.

Our Family Lawyers in Dandenong, Mitcham and Melbourne will explore all the ways to solve parenting issues without the need to go to court and exposing yourself and your children to the stress of the court system.

Sometimes going to court is necessary. Our Family Lawyers are highly experienced and will represent you with their expertise in family law.


There are many financial issues you might need to consider after separation. What happens to your home and all your assets? Do you have to keep paying the bills if you’re not living there? How much money should you get?

Taft Lawyers has the answers and will ensure that your separation does not leave you with an unfair financial settlement. We will look at all the evidence and apply the federal laws which would achieve a settlement in your favour.

During your first consultation, we can give you a realistic idea of what you are entitled to and the most cost effective strategy to achieve that.

We pride ourselves in representing our clients to achieve a fair result.